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Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

January 16, 2014


Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. Now less than a month away! With celebrating Valentine’s day right after our wedding and honeymoon we need some great, romantic and budget date night ideas. Here is the list I compiled.

1. Get take out and wrap up in a blanket on the couch while you eat dinner. Bonus points for food that you can eat on and off all evening between snuggles.

2. Create an at home movie night. Pop popcorn, create a hot dog bar turn down the lights and enjoy!

3. Go on a nature walk. Hold hands! Take your camera and snap pictures of each other along the way!

4. Have a board game night. While sipping a glass of wine of course. Up your game with a plate of strawberries to snack on.

5. Go out just for dessert! It will save you some money, shake up your normal routine and you can still soak up the romantic atmosphere!  Win, win, win!!

6. Write love notes and leave where your love will find them. Especially if your jobs or routines keep you apart for most of the day or night. It is sweet and worth more than the stress of finding time to do a traditional Valentine’s festivities.

7. Learn something new together. Try a new recipe, take a painting class, take dancing lessons. Brainstorm ideas ahead of time to build anticipation!


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