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My Thrifted Bar Cart

January 21, 2016

Bar Cart | happyapple.us

We are slowly getting all the parts of our apartment together. We are down to finding just some minor storage solutions for the nooks and crannies we have got going on. And I wanted to share this one small corner of our apartment with you. I love bourbon, I actually love all things of quality as Gunnar would say. And bourbon is one of those things. They have such a range of flavors it is hard to just buy one. So when we moved into the apartment I gathered up my collection and put them all on this bar cart. Bar Cart | happyapple.us

This bar cart my Mother-In-Law and I found while out thrifting and searching antique shops. We scored it for 16$! I couldn’t believe it, it could use a coat of paint since the brass isn’t as shiny in some spots but it is in really great shape! It has also been very versatile for us in general. This Christmas we didn’t have enough floor space for a large tree so we got one of the 24″ variety and put it on the top shelf of the cart. Then we decorated the whole cart with ornaments and lights. It was really a fun way to decorate this year.

Bar Cart | happyapple.us

In our old house, we used it as a place to gather a sampling of cocktail making supplies, so it held everything from vodka to grenadine and we switched different bottles out to keep things fresh and also to drink up some of our lesser used supplies. When you like making fancy cocktails you collect a lot of random supplies. I really like how this piece we acquired when we were living in our first home has found a place in our new home, it’s fun and a great way to display my bourbon collection!

Bar Cart | happyapple.us

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  • Reply Bethany W January 21, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Are you kidding me??? $16!!!! This is stunning, great find!

    • Reply Michaela January 22, 2016 at 10:24 am

      It was thrifting gold!

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