Project Life 2015

Project Life: Sept 14 – 20

October 23, 2015

Project Life: Sept 14 - 20 |

September was a busy month for us apparently! I have one more week left to document but it looks like by week 3 we were already having a blast!

Project Life: Sept 14 - 20 |

We tried out Bakersfield and Gunnar took a picture of ME!! It is strange being in front of the camera without Gunnar since I’m usually taking all the pictures. We also went bowling with Gunnar’s little brother. We had a blast that kid cracks us up.

Project Life: Sept 14 - 20 |

I am really loving my morning walks to Gunnar’s work. It is a little bit of time each day that we get to spend together and it is before the city really starts waking up which is really cool. ¬†Gunnar also took me out to see the Broncos game. We went to Scotty’s and it was great!

Project Life: Sept 14 - 20 |

I just love these letters I picked up at Target in the dollar spot a little while ago. They are really thick so they add some really good dimension to the card but they are like super glue, I laid them down to get a feel for where they should go and they were stuck really good so even though I didn’t get to adjust it after the fact they still look really cool. I hope you all have an excellent weekend!

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