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December 10, 2015

Project Life 2016 Plan |

It’s almost 2016! When did that happen? While this year has flown by I am glad to get started on a new year! This is be my fourth year scrapbooking, 4! That is crazy to me. I started Project Life in 2013 just a couple of months after Gunnar proposed to me. 2013 was going to be a really busy year with wedding planning, buying a home, moving, renovating, and participating in 3 different weddings! I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget any of it, so I started my first Project Life album January 1st, 2013! As we got closer to 2014 I realized I needed to document it to because it was the first year of our marriage, and then something crazy happened. Gunnar got on board! It is hard to tell which of us love these albums more!! So 2015 got an album. But something happened this year, while moving to Indianapolis I got behind. Really behind and I didn’t know if I would get caught up by the end of the year let alone start next year behind, or never finish 2015! So I wanted to stop, but Gunnar encouraged me to find a different way to document it so I started researching and I came up with a Project Life 2016 plan I’m really excited about.

2016 Project Life Plan |

See that album all the way on the right? Yup, I’m downsizing my 2016 Project Life! This is going to work really great because I can incorporate the layouts with the Project Life App and print out on my home printer. I don’t think I’m sacrificing any storytelling by doing this, because with the app you can layout your pages in the same way you do with the pocket pages in the 12 x 12 albums. And print them out at either an 8 x 8 size or a 12 x 12, but I don’t have room for a 12 x 12 printer in my apartment so I’m going with the 8×8 size.

2016 Project Life Plan |

I’m also really excited about using the app because my process right now is, upload all the pictures to my computer, layout the pictures to print on my paper efficiently, print out 3 – 4 pieces of paper, cut and place into pockets. This process has worked for me for 4 years and when you spend a little time each week on it, it can be done really quickly. But when you get behind and have this process it is overwhelming. With using the app I can lay it out in the app while I’m doing other things like standing in line at the grocery, riding in the car on the way to dinner, being a couch potato. And then print on 2 pieces of paper! Which is going to be huge, have I mentioned my apartment? We don’t have a lot of storage space. Which brings me to my next point. I’m really excited that 90% of my embellishments are going to be digital and on my phone, I don’t have to store any additional boxes of paper! Boom!

2016 Project Life Plan |

If you haven’t checked out the Project Life App you should, it lets you journal directly onto the card. I don’t do a lot of journaling now but it is a goal of mine for next year so I’m looking forward to typing it in while I’m designing my page and having it all print out beautifully for me to slide into pages!

2016 Project Life Plan |

I absolutely love my albums and I’m looking forward to trying out my new process in a few weeks when 2016 gets here, are you documenting your adventures in 2016? What process are you planning on using?

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