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Our Apartment : Our Bedroom

December 21, 2015

Our Apartment : Our Bedroom

Guys I’m so excited! Right before Thanksgiving, Gunnar and I got a bed frame. This is the first one we have had in the last two places we lived! Partly it took this long to find something we could both agree on, and partly it took a while to convince Gunnar that we should get our mattress up off of the ground. It became really important once we moved into the apartment so we could have more storage space. Our bedroom in our home was very large, we had so much space it wasn’t even an issue until we moved.

Our Apartment : Our Bedroom

It looks a little sparse right now because we don’t have many big pieces and we didn’t want to nail a bunch of nails into our rental walls. But now that we have some of the big pieces of furniture we can start focusing on the other parts of decorating.

Our Apartment : Our Bedroom

Gunnar’s nightstand is turned sideways because it would be really tight if we had the bed and two night stands across that back wall of the room. So we decided to leave it like this so it didn’t feel so cramped. To add in some visual interest without nailing holes in the wall I leaned some of our wedding pictures up on top of the dressers so that we get to see them daily but also that it isn’t quite so spartan in there.

Our Apartment : Our Bedroom Our Apartment : Our Bedroom

We are still getting used to living in an apartment after owning a home, I’m sure

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