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13 Newlywed and Couple’s Holiday Traditions to Start Right Now!

December 3, 2015
Newlywed and Couple's Holiday Traditions |
As Christmas is fast approaching the holiday events are getting underway. Gunnar and I were looking around our new city of Indianapolis to find events that we want to participate in. I noticed one thing, the festivities really centered around having small children. We don’t have small children yet but I didn’t want that to stop us from participating in holiday. So I thought I’d ask some of my other newly wed friends (Bethany, Megan & Janneke) for what traditions they participate in during the holiday season.
It was a really fun activity for me to see what my friends do for their holiday. And I’ve gotten some good ideas that I’ll be putting into the mix of our traditions this year and you should too!
Newlywed and Couple's Holiday Traditions |
Decorating together – While everyone seems to do this everyone does it a little differently and it is fabulous. We get a bottle of wine a new Christmas movie and decorate while watching the movie. My friend Bethany and her husband watches “A Muppets Christmas Carol” every year. Megan and her husband decorate and then enjoy hot chocolate by their fireplace. And my friend Janneke and her husband listen to their favorite Christmas CD while decorating and enjoying egg nog. It is always so magical to stop what you are doing to spend time decorating together. Whether you are decorating a whole house or putting up a small apartment sized tree.
 Visiting a tree farm and picking out the perfect tree – While I don’t buy real trees a couple of my friends do and it sounds like a lot of fun. Megan & Janneke (plus their perspective husbands) make picking out a tree a wonderful date night. We might just have to try this out sometime.
Taking a trip around the neighborhood to see the lights – I know as a newlywed we didn’t have a lot of holiday decorations, that stuff takes years to build up. However, you don’t need a lot of decorations when people decorate for you. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and take a drive around nearby neighborhoods and enjoy the lights and decorations other people put out.
Visiting the City’s Holiday Decorations – It seems like every city big or small has some sort of holiday display and you should definitely take advantage. You can go grab pictures in front of the tree or end the evening with cocktails at a close by bar.
Friendmas – I love the idea of taking time during the busy holiday season to spend time with your friends. I know a lot of people get together for Thanksgiving but I never seem to be able to get it together in time so a Friendmas is the perfect solution. Invite your friends over, ask them to bring a snack & a beverage. Stick a holiday CD in and play board games all night.
Dress up and go to a holiday performance followed by a delicious dinner – Living downtown we have a lot of options for holiday performances. Megan & her husband visit the symphony, have a great dinner, and then stroll around the city checking out all the lights. I think Gunnar & and I are going to participate in this this year and probably every year after!
Volunteer together at a crisis or animal shelter – This is a perfect time to volunteer together. Visit a local shelter and give back to your community.
Visit a Christmas Market together – This is on our list for this year. There are several markets that pop up around the city. Go grab some cider, listen to the music, and peruse the handmade holiday decorations at the local vendor booths.
Take a family Christmas Photo – I love documenting our time together and last year we did Christmas photos, this year I’m going to do it again. I know Janneke & her husband also grab a Christmas snap. It is a good tradition to start and watch how your family changes over the years.
Watch your favorite holiday movies – There are so many, I think if you started now you wouldn’t be able to fit them all in. Make it a point to snuggle up under the blankets and watch your favorite movies together.
Make a Christmas album of you the activities you participate in – I participate in making a December Daily album which I use to tell our holiday story. It is really fun to look back on what all we did during the busiest season of the year. You can go all out like December Daily or print out your pictures and stick in a holiday themed photo album. Just think about how great it is going to be after several year to look back on especially while it is just the two of you.
Visit small businesses for stocking stuffers together – Shopping small is important for our society today so why not spend a little time this season checking out the local shops for stocking stuffers.
Newlywed and Couple's Holiday Traditions |
12 Dates of Christmas – So often the whole season can fly by in the blink of an eye. We wanted to make sure that we take the time to celebrate our relationship during the holidays. We each wrote out 6 mini date night ideas and put them in an envelope. When we have time we will pull one out and do what we wrote down. Some ideas we wrote down are holiday brunch, coffee & a walk through the city lights, cocktails and appetizers all dressed up, visiting a Christmas market. I can’t wait to participate in these and see what Gunnar wrote for his dates!
Newlywed and Couple's Holiday Traditions |
Thanks Bethany, Megan & Janneke for helping come up with Newlywed and Couple’s Holiday Traditions!
What holiday traditions do you participate in?

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