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March 13, 2012

Hello again! I’ve been suffering from a cold all weekend and didn’t get to work on any craft projects or any photo shoots which I had been planning on doing. However, I did do some long term planning and I am sharing some of my thoughts on long term project planning. Here are a couple of tips for staying on track for your long term projects and a long term project that I am starting.

1. When working on my long term projects I find it is fun to sprinkle short term projects in and around the long term projects. This keeps you from feeling like your project has gone stale.

2. It is important to be organized, to have a plan, and to have specific goals to keep you on track and so that you can meet those goals. Write your ideas down in a journal. Make lists of the materials you need prior to starting. It’s not fun to postpone your afternoon of scrapbooking because you forgot the glue.

3. Set aside time in your week or month to work on your personal projects. If you keep hoping that you will have the energy at the end of the work day or after a day or running errands it will be harder to bring yourself to work on your projects.

This is just one of my long term projects and I still have  lots short term projects in my journal; which I can complete in one sitting or over a weekend.

A personal Style Book.

This is a project that I have wanted to start and then put off and wanted to start and then put it off for too long. Now, I am making it a goal to get it done. In the past year my closet has been converting from a college closet of jeans, sweatpants, and sweatshirts to a closet that has a lot of style possibilities. Which is very exciting to see what I can pull together with the clothing I have purchased. I plan on putting as many outfits together that I can with the clothing that I have (I might even get some more pieces!). Once I get all of the outfits on my camera I will get them printed and put them in an album of some sort. This way I can easily flip through my possible outfits and be more creative with my clothing choices.

I am thinking about doing it one of two ways. The first way where I wear each of my outfits like the girl who runs this blog.

Or I was thinking about just laying out all the pieces of the outfit and taking a picture like this site.

Look for pictures of the final project!

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    I think wearing them would be the way to go.

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