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Life has a funny way of changing things…

April 21, 2016

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It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted and even longer since I posted consistently. And I want to share with you why. Life changes so quickly and while you can see some of the obstacles in your path you may not see others.

When we moved to a small apartment in Indy I knew I would need some posts that didn’t require supplies or home changes because I wouldn’t have the space for that. I planned about 6 months of that type of content.

And then winter came and it was dark, I always seem to struggle a little with winter. I am less motivated and less creative which didn’t help when I ran out of posts. Also, during this winter season we were gone a lot from the apartment. Both of our families are struggling with illness currently and we are doing our best to visit/support as often as we can. Which means that all blogging content, images and creation have to be done during the week, but it got dark so early that images were blah and I felt even less inspired.

Another thing changed around the first of the year and this was a positive change! I decided to take Web Design & Development business idea seriously. I changed my mindset from looking for a full time or part time job to building my own business.

It takes a lot of work but it is so rewarding. I feel like even when we struggle with our finances or scheduling our time that it is the right path for us. Since taking it seriously, working on it a little each week I’ve blown myself away with how much income I’ve brought in during these first couple of months. I didn’t know what to expect. If you want to check out what I’ve been working on visit me at

Despite all the things that prevented me from writing consistently I am really committed to writing for Happy Apple and am currently brainstorming things I can write about inside my little apartment. I won’t be posting 5 days a week like I did a year ago but I’m going to do what I can and really focus on the quality of posts rather than quantity… plus summer is just around the corner and my absolute favorite type of posts are the cocktail recipe ones so keep an eye out for them!

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