Idaho & Montana Snaps

March 4, 2016

Idaho & Montana Snaps |

After an unintentional blogging hiatus, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. It surprised me how much time was required to prepare for a wedding that was on the other side of the country. I spent the beginning of last week getting ready then we spent 4 wonderful days running around Northern Idaho and Western Montana making new friends and enjoying the landscape.

Idaho & Montana Snaps |

I hope to get back into the grove and am looking forward to getting back to crafting soon especially since we have some downtime now. Anyway here are some of my pictures from the trip. The landscape was gorgeous and it was really rejuvenating to spend some time next to a lake and mountains. It was our first trip to Idaho and I’m ready to go back out west. Although I hope the next time we go the sun comes out for more then sunset only one day of our trip.

Idaho & Montana Snaps |

PNW-9 PNW-10 PNW-11 Idaho & Montana Snaps | Idaho & Montana Snaps | Idaho & Montana Snaps |

Idaho & Montana Snaps |

P.S. Congratulations John & Zoe! I’m so lucky to have you both as part of my life! I’m looking forward to our next adventure!

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