Here We Are

July 2, 2014

stop-5Some days you just feel like you have it all together, you are on top of the world, and that you can take on anything. And other days you are just glad to make it back to your warm comfortable bed in one piece. These last few weeks have seemed like that. We have been moving from one activity to another, trying to keep our head above water with our out of control yard and in general doing our best not to grab food out but eat at home…some days you just can’t win. But this last weekend we had some time to stop and slow down. We spent two really relaxing days down in my hometown and one of them we even went to the pool. stop-4

Well on our way home the light was just gorgeous so Gunnar and I planned out a place to stop and grab a few quick pictures of ourselves. It was a lot of fun to stop and do something unexpected and we even got some awesome pictures of ourselves out of it!


Plus I even get to show you my favorite new shoes! I got them at Modcloth.


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