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Thoughts About Getting Behind on Project Life

December 16, 2015

Project Life 2015 |

This year I got behind on Project Life, really, really behind. After moving, changing jobs, a busy wedding season, and several family health issues I was 2 months behind on documenting 2015.

I found if I kept up on it by printing it out each week I could easily get it done in very little free time, but I didn’t have a lot and it got put to the back burner.

Project Life 3D Letters

But I’m finally set up, my supplies are all at my apartment, I have a desk, printer and designated work hours again so I’ve been catching up. And I noticed something while doing it. When I was printing out pictures from the 2 month mark, I couldn’t believe how much time had actually passed verses what my brain thought. I was documenting things I thought happened only a few weeks before but it was at least twice that. Then I noticed how many of these memories from the last two months would have been lost to time if I hadn’t been documenting.

Project Life Album Peek

When I started the catching up process, I kept beating myself up for getting behind on Project Life. I had let myself get so behind, I hadn’t pushed myself to get it done. But In that magic moment I realized that it didn’t matter how it got done. If I did it every week or if I did it once a month. The important part of the process was remembering the fullness of my life, the experiences, and the details that would be lost otherwise.

I’m really glad I didn’t throw in the towel when I got behind and left it as a half finished project. I’m glad I pushed through to the other side and can see what is really important about my decision to work on this project.

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