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We (finally) Got A Couch!

January 28, 2016

We Got a Couch! | happyapple.us

We finally got a couch, as you can tell I took these pictures when I still had our Christmas decorations. But we are so excited. It took us a little while to decide on design and color of the couch. Gunnar and I have very different ideas about how we would like to decorate our home, so it took a little while. But we finally settled on something that would fit in our apartment, and a color that would be flexible with the rest of our furniture and decor.

We Got a Couch! | happyapple.us

Then we were so excited to have found it, we waited almost 2 months after that for it to be delivered. We didn’t have a couch since we moved from Muncie to Indianapolis two week shy of six months. We are still waiting on our ottoman, but that is another story. I look forward to starting to find the detail pieces for this room now that the major furniture is all settled. It looks really naked in these pictures without some kind of art on the wall behind the couch.

We Got a Couch! | happyapple.us

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