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December Daily Preparation Part 3

November 24, 2015

December Daily Preparation Pt 3 |

I love the whole process of December Daily. I know that a lot of people could become overwhelmed at all the parts, from planning to capturing the moments, and then documenting there are quite a few steps. However, I found last year that it really helped me slow down and enjoy the holiday. So today I’m sharing December Daily Preparation Part 3, or how I put together my photoshoot list so I don’t forget anything.

One thing I do before December gets here is start making a list of activities I want to participate in so that the month doesn’t pass me by. I also use it as a shot list to make sure I get the images for my album, because who hasn’t gone out with friends you haven’t seen in a long time and forgotten to even get one snap! I do it all the time.

I include things on my list like have hot chocolate, wrap presents, visit this or that holiday event happening around town. Last year I made my list on a separate piece of paper, this year I included it in my planner at the beginning of the month, so I will know exactly where it is, and have the events listed out on the calendar pages.

I am not very good at winging anything, you can ask my family, they will tell you. So having a list and spending a little more time up front on the organization of my project really helps it be successful during the busy-ness of the holiday season.

December Daily Preparation Pt 3 |

Some ways that I gather my list.

Pinterest  – This is one that could land you into trouble if you aren’t careful. You can look for inspiration and then become paralyzed with all the options and not accomplish anything. So the goal here would be to look for very specific things like a holiday ornament you can make with your kids or Christmas movie night treats. And then write it down on your list and get ready to enjoy the holiday.

Googling Events in my area – I also spend some time with Google looking for events in my area, however, you can’t always find some of the hidden gems, so keep your eyes open when you are out and about for posters and look at Facebook for things your friends are going to participate in.

Look to Family Traditions – Each year my family makes Christmas treats together, we all get to put our favorites and then have a day of cooking and spending time together. It is one of my favorites. We also have special ornaments that we like to hang on our tree each year so I want to be sure to capture those for my album as well. Sometimes capturing the details of a tradition can really help to tell your story.

Don’t be afraid to include new traditions – When Gunnar and I got married I wanted to include some of our own traditions in our holiday festivities. Since we have only been married for one Christmas we don’t have all that many yet but we are on our way. A couple of the things we do are enjoy a bottle of wine while watching a Christmas movie and decorating our tree. And I set up my tripod to capture some quick holiday snaps of us in front of the tree and in our yard. I’m looking forward to doing these again as well as incorporating something new for us.

Remember the Details – The details help tell the story of your Christmas, so I always try to gather as many detail shots about whatever our activity is as possible. This way I have a lot of flexibility when it comes to putting the album together. For example when I get pictures of our tree, I’ll grab one of the full tree, one of the tree topper, and then several ornament pictures so that I can create a story about our tree.

December Daily Preparation Pt 3 |

My December Daily Activity & Photo List

Visit the Chocolate Shop
See the Yuletide Celebration
Yelp’s Totally Bazaar
Zoo: Festival of Lights
Make Cookies
Holiday Movies
Circle of Lights
Cocktails With Friends
Take Walks
Our Tree
Coffee Date
Family Photo
Christmas Lights
Christmas Playlist
Store Displays

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