Camping in the Rain

May 13, 2016


Last weekend Gunnar and I went on our first camping trip of 2016. We had high hopes for it since every trip we went on last year was rockin. However, this first one was less than ideal. And despite all the things that didn’t go to plan or just went wrong it reminded me about something I had forgotten. It reminded me that life isn’t supposed to always go according to plan. That’s the great part about life and being spontaneous and growing.

If everything goes to plan how do you have room to grow? How can we progress? Laugh over the bad times? How as husband and wife are we supposed to learn to work through the tough times unless we have some smaller tough practice rounds to work through. Yes, Gunnar it was a tough trip for me.

We never had the ideal campfire…or much of a campfire at all since every time it seemed to be going and roaring we would start preparing our meal only to find out that the fire was already out. And when you rely on the campfire to cook your meals it can be a little devastating. ¬†We had neighboring campers offer their advice on how to get our fire going but none of that worked out either.

It rained almost the whole time. We are pretty minimalist campers right now and the only shelter we had was our tent and our car. I would have loved to have had a place to stay dry and play some of our sweet board games that I brought but instead, we went on an adventure. We went into one of the small towns nearby and checked out a relatively new local distillery. We spoke with the owner and it was a good time.

Saturday night was really rough it stormed pretty bad and kept us from sleeping well and then when we woke up the temperature had dropped significantly. And guess what…it was raining again. So we decided we would pack up and head on to our next adventure. We knew there was no way our campfire would light after being soaked all night so we packed up and got on the road a little after 8:30 am.


But even though I won’t remember it as a good camping trip. I will remember that Gunnar and I worked through the issues that arose together. We still had a great time and spent some time in nature without our electronics talking and connecting. Those are the most important parts of life the parts I don’t want to forget. Who cares that every meal was a struggle? That we didn’t get to play a single game because it was either raining or the bugs were so bad? I care that we did it together we shared an experience and have a new memory.


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