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October 7, 2015

Bookcase | happyapple.us

The second space in my home that I’ve gotten put together is my book case. Although it is more of an organizing station than a book case. In fact it has very few of my books on it. But that is ok, it has been a wonderful tool to have in my home. A central spot that I can organize my cookbooks, scrapbooking supplies, random electronic components and my photography equipment.

Bookcase | happyapple.us

I remember being really excited about having space in our home for this specific bookshelf and then I was really sad when I didn’t think we were going to have room for it in our apartment. Imagine how excited I was when we found the perfect spot in our apartment. I’m so glad that it fits so that we can get all the stuff organized and having supplies and books easily visible it a huge plus when downsizing to a one bedroom apartment.

Bookcase | happyapple.us Bookcase | happyapple.us Bookcase | happyapple.us Bookcase | happyapple.us.

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