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Apartment Decor Planning

November 5, 2015


We have now been in our apartment since July, our new “apartment” sized furniture has started arriving, and I’m really starting to feel like I’ve got my feet back on the ground. I am not built to up and decide to move one day, pack the next with no plan. It is amazing what having a dedicated desk/office space can do to help you stay motivated.

When we moved into our home in Muncie, I was so excited to work on all kinds of house projects, I wanted to paint, and change flooring, add decor, change out curtains, redo the kitchen. And I got a lot accomplished in the year and a half that we lived there. And now we moved to an apartment, I was a little down about it because you can’t make permanent changes to the apartment. And at first I was letting it get me down. I have lots of art that I put in frames while living in the house and a bunch of other pictures and artwork I have ready for frames or hanging. I was just going to let all this wait until our next home, but it is silly to do that. Who knows when we will be in our next home, or if that will be our forever home or not. I am determined to not make excuses and get to decorating this space. There are a whole bunch of decorating for renters ideas and products available not to mention other accessories that I can rely on to make this space our home. Like easily removable washi tape wall art! Here is my inspiration for apartment decor.

Some more house plants and greenery to brighten up the space without adding anything to the walls, I have my eye on a fiddle leaf fig to help draw the eye upwards. Also some flower arrangements and bonus points if I can find some cool thrifted vessels for them to live in.


Blue Print Size Wall Art

Large artwork to fill the large walls we don’t want to fill with nail holes.


A shaggy area rug to make the living area cozy, plus lots of cozy textured pillows to create interest on our new couch.


And I want to add in some interest with lighting. The kitchen and bathrooms are the only rooms in our apartment with overhead lighting so I get a lot of freedom to play with additional lighting in our living room and office.

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  • Reply Kristen Mittlestedt November 5, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    This is lovely! I am envious of your space! You should help me renovate my studio!

    • Reply Michaela November 9, 2015 at 8:26 am

      Done and done! 🙂 I’d love to!!

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