Anniversary Pictures

May 25, 2015


Last weekend, we had anniversary pictures taken to mark our first anniversary (it happened in January but I didn’t want winter pictures). So I asked my wedding photographer & friend Janneke if she would be interested in taking more pictures of us. And she said she was, I’m so glad we had them done. I feel like it was a wonderful way to celebrate our marriage and it was a wonderful afternoon with some great friends!

MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-067MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-084MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-033MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-005 MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-006MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-046 MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-043 MIchaela-Gunnar-Anniversary-030There were soooo many pictures that are my favorites that it was hard to choose which to show here. Thank you Janneke for such a great memory of our anniversary!

Photo credit : Janne Photography


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