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5 Tips to have a Fabulous Date Night In

January 12, 2016

5 Tips to have a Fabulous Date Night In | Happy Apple

At the end of last year, I had gotten into the habit of thinking that date nights with my husband meant going out to eat. Gunnar and I do a lot of freelance web work and often the evenings are taken up by working on those client projects. Going out to eat gave us time away from the apartment and a break from our work. As the holidays got closer I realized that I really wanted to make date night in work for us so that if or when we decided to go out it was a real treat for us. And that maybe the case but I forgot what a treat staying in could be if you make the time for it. Often our night would be completely taken up by getting to the restaurant,¬†eating and getting home. We would, of course, have the travel time together but there weren’t many other activities we could squeeze in.

Over the course of the year I’m going to be trying some different date night recipes, think big flavor but simple easy preparation and minimal cleanup, to share with you all on Happy Apple. But first these are my 5 tips to have a fabulous date night in.

  1. For us at least, we are tech people and it is really hard to unplug completely but that doesn’t mean that we don’t spend quality time together. One time that we aren’t on our phones is while making dinner so plan to cook together and talk about things while doing it. I find that talking about the rest of the evening plans get us both ready for the activities of our in-home date.
  2. Suspend cleaning/decluttering activities. I know you’re at home and that to-do list is staring you in the¬†face. Give yourself permission to put it away during your date. Putting the pile or list in a drawer or different room will allow you to focus on your partner while you are enjoying your date.
  3. Change up the lighting. If were lived in a house I would probably light candles but we don’t so after we get done with the cooking I put on some indirect lighting to soften the atmosphere. Another option would be to plug in some twinkle lights. Always super romantic.
  4. If you always sit and watch TV together in the evening mix it up on your date night and play a board game, start a jigsaw puzzle, make plans for the next week, month or year together. In the last year we started getting into board games which have been really fun. Not only do we play the games we spend time during it talking about strategy and learning how each other solves problems.
  5. Change your clothes. Often I get dressed and then stay dressed till bedtime. One way I like to make our date night special is to change clothes. Sometimes it will be to dress up or sometimes it will be to have a pajama party sometimes this is enough to shake up our routine enough and make it fun to stay in.

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