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2016 Weekly Goal Tracker Free Printable

January 6, 2016

Weekly Goal Tracker |

There are several goals that I want to do on a weekly basis this year. One of them being get better about my yoga practice. I love when I do it, and sometimes I do it really consistently but not always. And my mindset about physical activity over the last six months has really changed. I’ve gotten to the point where if I don’t get in a work out every other day I don’t feel as well physically. I’ve really started eating better and want to continue these new habits in the new year. Weekly Goal Tracker |

While I have gotten better at working out regularly sometimes I’ll do yoga for like 3 weeks then I get busy or stressed out and never get back to it. So I’m thinking that if I can do at least one practice a week for the next 52 weeks I’ll have a good start on that habit. I’m hoping to do it more than once a week but its ok if I don’t you have to start somewhere. To help me with this and hopefully other weekly goals I am setting in 2016 I designed a simple goal tracker. It has 52 places to check off one for each week, a motivational handwritten quote and a place to declare your goal!

Weekly Goal Tracker |

Get the printable here.

I hope that if you are embarking on a weekly project or want to remember something weekly that this printable helps keep you on track and meet your goals.

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