10 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter

February 25, 2015

10 Ways to Stay Inspired During Winter |

I think there comes a point every winter where we have had our fun with the holidays and the snow and cold weather but we are really ready to move on. I know I am at that point right now. I’m really glad the days are getting longer but I’m really ready for spring. With another 6 inches of snow last weekend and below freezing temperatures I am really feeling uninspired right now, all I really want to do is crawl back into my bed with its flannel sheets and quilt and just stay there till it is warm outside. But we can’t do that can we? Here are some things that I do to stay inspired during this time of year.

1. Get outside and enjoy a little bit of sunshine each day. I know this helps me even if it is cold just to feel the sun on my face for a little bit. If you don’t want to go outside, cozy up to a big window that gets lots of gorgeous sunlight for a while.

2. If you are like me you have a LONG list of things you want to learn pick something new to help get you out of your rut, and inspire creativity. I think I’ll be picking up calligraphy supplies this week. eeek!!

3. Go thrifting. It may sound like it is counter intuitive to spend your day sifting through things in a dark antique mall or flea market but sometimes you find a gem that really makes your day. Know that your going looking for inspiration, check out plate patterns, vintage signs, book covers, and vase shapes.

4. Read something. Start a new book or if you don’t have time for that choose a magazine to read. Reading always recharges my internal batteries and sometimes even gives me great ideas for blog posts!

5. Deep clean one trouble spot in your home. I know I have them. The top of my bookcase in the office is a landing strip for crafting supplies, camera parts, change, papers waiting to be filed and office supplies. I know will feel SO much better once that spot is cleaned and organized.

6. Shake up your routine. Get up early and hit the gym or go out for coffee.Something small that is different for you will really set your day off right. Bonus: Invite someone you would like to get to know better to go grab that cup of coffee with you, you get to make a new friend and bounce ideas around with them.

7. Send out some snail mail. It will brighten your day and someone else as well. Just sayin’.

8. Take a little time to do something just for yourself. Watching guilty pleasure shows, taking a long bubble bath, getting a manicure, or anything else that you would like to do just for your is totally on the table for this one.

9. Pick one item on your “I need to do this when I have free time” list and do it. Don’t worry about everything else on the list, just pick one. You will enjoy getting to mark it off and you wont get overwhelmed with trying to complete all those pesky items that are waiting on you.

10. When all else fails, try baking a new recipe. You get the added bonus of getting to enjoy your baked good after your done and you just might find yourself obsessed with trying new and unusual flavors.

Wow! That is quite a long list of things you can do to stay inspired during winter. I’m sure there are many many more. What is your favorite way to stay inspired during the winter months?

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