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February 9, 2016

Date Night In Wine & Cheese Night |

For 2016, we are making a conscious decision to treat nights in as special date nights. So far we have done things like board game nights, cooking together. It has been really fun and more of a mindset shift than anything because we do all the things we did before like our freelance work or cleaning and even laundry but we think about it like a date. Then you have moments like this where you say “Hey we get to do this on our next date night!” and your husband says “I thought we just had one” and you have to admit that every night that you take time for each other is a date night!

Romantic date nights are a must, we have lots of fun date nights in and out but a Wine & Cheese date night is a simple easy romantic date night to have in. And you can use the opportunity to try new cheese flavors. We light to do this when we want a light dinner. I also like to keep different ingredients on hand so that we can enjoy this kind of date at a moment’s notice. It is really simple to make a cheese, you just need a few basic components.

  1. A few types of cheese, choose some from different categories like a soft cheese, a semi-hard cheese, and hard cheese.
  2. Some fruit like an apple or grapes
  3. A bread or cracker. If I want to feel really fancy I grab a fresh baguette and slice it up.
  4. Additional treats like nuts, trail mix, and olives.

With that you have the start to a great cheese board and date night.

Date Night In Wine & Cheese Night |

Another great part of having a wine and cheese date night means ultimate customization. There is not a right or wrong way to put one together. One this particular night we went for trying 3 different kinds of white cheese Munster, swiss and gruyere. I then added some pecans I had on hand as well as grapes and crackers. We also tried this hard salami that was soaked in red wine… it was delicious. Sometimes we add mustards or preserves or different types of fruit. This is also a great opportunity for you to try different kinds of wine. This time, we chose a red blend and it went well with the flavors of the wine, fruit and meat.

Date Night In Wine & Cheese Night |

Another time we light to do a wine & cheese night is the night we go grocery shopping. We use the opportunity to pick out our wine and cheese and then by the time we get home it is easy to throw together with minimal effort after you are already tired from hanging out in the grocery store.

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