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Ways to Keep Up With Happy Apple

January 20, 2015

Options for Following Happy Apple | happyapple.usHey, friends, as the new year gains momentum I wanted to share with you some different ways to keep up with Happy Apple. I know there are a million ways to read blogs and keep up on your favorites, including Happy Apple. I’ve done my best to help organize some easy ways that you can keep up on Happy Apple posts, you don’t even have to remember a URL if you don’t want to, and if your on social media, I probably am there too! You can find links to my social media accounts above my profile picture in the sidebar.

1. Emails. I can send you an email to your inbox with a snippet of the post and a link directly to the new content. All you have to do is click the gray banner button in the sidebar that says subscribe, fill in a little info, and confirm your subscription. Then every day there is a new post you will get an email to your inbox. I promise not to spam your inbox or share your emails, I hate when that happens to me.

2. Instagram (@pearandhoney). My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I love how images are used to share information and little bits of the day. I use my consistently and if you want to see what I’m up to between posts or behind the scenes this would be a great place to follow me. Search for pearandhoney in people and follow away! I have my name set for my photography business, in case you are wondering. I hope to see you here!

3. BlogLovin’. If you have several blogs you want to keep up on using a reader is certainly the easiest. If you are unfamiliar with these they scan all the pages you have told it to look for and it will collect new posts in an easy to scroll format. I used to use Google Reader but when they took it away I started using BlogLovin’. They allow you to bookmark posts you find interesting, search for new blogs to follow in your areas of interest and keep a running list of posts you have yet to see. To follow my blog here, visit and search for Happy Apple.

4. Twitter (@pearandhoney). Twitter is very similar to Instagram in how I use it. I publish tweets about new posts and sometimes behind the scenes type photos and information. I also have my username as my photography business.

5. Google+ Pages. You can find me here under Happy Apple and it is a running list of new posts to the blog. I am learning more about Google+ all the time and hopefully will get the hang of how it can be best used for Happy Apple.

6. Facebook. If you are already on Facebook this is an easy way to follow Happy Apple. I publish posts with the updated blog content and sometimes behind the scenes photos. With Facebook’s new changes to the way their fan pages display in your feed so you might or might not see new content from me here.

I hope that this helps you find new and easy ways to keep up with me here at Happy Apple and I look forward to hanging out with you through my social media accounts.




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