Ways I Motivate Myself

October 25, 2012

1. Take a break. Take a walk, do an entirely unrelated task, search pinterest. Getting a fresh perspective always helps getting your head back in the game.

2. Look back at past projects. When I feel like I am stuck and that my work isn’t improving I like to take a look back through my old sketchbooks, files, projects and see exactly how far I have come.

3. Day dream. Allowing yourself the chance to day dream gives you the opportunity for so many ideas to flow in as well as allows you to give yourself a mental break even if you dont get up and change tasks.

4. Grab some paint chips. I love color. Very, very much. I am always inspired by color combinations so I suggest taking a trip to the local home improvement store and picking yourself up a little bundle of inspiration in the paint isle.

5. Make lists. The one thing that always helps me focus is getting some of the clutter out of my mind. I make lists ALL the time, I usually have 2-3 lists going at once. One for Happy Apple ideas, one for general To Do stuff, and one for things that are on my mind.


What are some things that help motivate you in your life?

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