Project Life 2015

Using The Project Life App

August 21, 2015

Project Life App Testing Out| happyapple.usOne of my favorite parts about Happy Apple was my weekly scrapbooking post about Project Life. I liked that it kept me on track and even inspired a few readers to start documenting their own adventures. However, I got behind while moving and I mean really behind. I hadn’t done a week since the beginning of June. EKKKK! But I didn’t have a printer I could print from nor did I have the time while packing up our home and moving to spend plotting out my pages. That’s when I decided to give the Project Life App a try. I wasn’t sure how it would go or how much it would end up being but I got caught up in a huge way and it was so fast for me to finish the pages. I think I did 3 or 4 weeks worth in the car on the way to visit Gunnar’s grandpa.

Project Life App Testing Out|

I love how everything was through the app and I didn’t have to pick up my order on the computer to finalize it. It just worked and worked well. The next thing I was worried about the quality. I know how difficult printing can be especially if you think you understand what it wants or needs and then you find out at the end your pictures are all blurry or what not.

Project Life App Testing Out|

I really missed getting to play around with my stickers and stamps as well as physically moving the pictures around my scrapbook page while putting it together. I also take a lot of pictures with my DSLR and I didn’t get to include any of those in my album since it is all done on the phone. But even with that it was a huge success. I was able to get caught up, I didn’t think the pricing was crazy for 12×12 full-color prints on glossy paper, and it was fast to work on.


For anyone who wants to scrapbook and is worried they won’t have the time to do it or the space for the supplies you should definitely check this out. It was wonderful for me and as I always am with my Project Life books. I’m so glad that I have that period in our life documented. I look back and am amazed at all that we did and accomplished and will now have those memories forever. You can see more in their iTunes store here.

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