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Crafting Skills: Weaving

February 11, 2014

I am in the midst of an office makeover. I am really lucky that we have an extra room in our house for an official office, but unfortunately it has a couple problems, like two lights that aren’t connected to the same light switch and one isn’t even connected at all. We are working toward fixing those problems which I will have a complete post about when it is all worked out.


But on to the reason of this post! We are working on decorating our home as we go! I would love to invest in artwork straight out of getting married but our budget is recovering so I am working on collecting pieces from Etsy and creating my own pieces.


I’ve seen these popping up on Pinterest and decided it would be a great addition to the new office decor. So I’m teaching myself a new crafting skill weaving. This is my first attempt! I can see why people say it is addicting I am already looking to create something larger and in different colors.


This is going to add a softness to the decor and the texture is amazing! If you want to follow the same tutorial I did check out this post on the Etsy Blog.


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