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Try This! Embossed Holiday Gift Tags

December 10, 2014

Embossed Gift Tags | happyapple.usEarlier this fall I decided I was going to try embossing. And like many things I got excited and jumped right in. I decided to purchase an ink pad labeled embossing ink and try my hair dryer for heat.

Embossed Gift Tags |

Here are the essentials for embossing, one you need something to emboss on I got these gift tags at Michaela in a pack of 12, the heat tool, a VersaMark stamp pad (this one is watermark), embossing powder, and stamps. For this project I’ve used some of my December Daily stamps along with an alpha stamp set to create these tags.

Embossed Gift Tags |

You first need to get your stamp good and covered with the ink. It is important to use this type of stamp pad because it is the stickiest and will keep the embossing powder in place while you heat it up. Next, stamp your decoration and name onto your stamp tag.

Embossed Gift Tags |

Once you have your entire design on your tag (work over a scrap piece of paper) generously cover with embossing powder, tap the tag off onto a piece of paper and use the paper to funnel the excess powder back into the jar. 

Embossed Gift Tags |

Once you have tapped off the excess you can see your design, and any stray pieces of embossing powder. If you want this to be perfect you can use a little paint brush to brush off the powder from where static is holding it. I wasn’t concerned with it for this project so I left it.

Embossed Gift Tags |

As previously mentioned I tried to use a hair dryer for this step. It was a complete disaster, it blew everything around and never got hot enough to melt the powder. Once you have your heat tool, turn it on and hold it a few inches above your project, make sure to move it around or you could burn your project.

embossing-Embossed Gift Tags | You will notice when the powder starts to melt, it will give a solid raised appearance. I used a glitter finish powder for this project, thats why it looks a little bubbly in this picture, it looks great in real life.

Embossed Gift Tags |

And here it is, the final product. Black and white paper with gold gift tags. It doesn’t get much classier than this! I love how this can be customized to whomever you are giving gifts, you can even use Christmas stamps to create some generic tags for use in other holiday project. Do you emboss? What is your favorite way to use embossing in your crafting?

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