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Tried and True Strawberry Daiquiri

July 23, 2014

I really love the refreshing taste of strawberries in the summer, and they are a staple for so many cookout deserts that I couldn’t go the whole summer without trying to make a cocktail using them. So I decided to try a traditional strawberry daiquiri.

Strawberry Daiquiri |

You will need strawberries, lime, white rum, and ice. For my drink I used between a half a cup and a cup of strawberries but this is a big glass and could easily have made two smaller portions, you know if you wanted to share!

Strawberry Daiquiri |

Add strawberries, ice, the juice from one lime wedge and 2 ounces of rum to your blender and blend till smooth. Now if you are an aficionado of strawberry daiquiris from restaurants this will be very different since it doesn’t use any of the pre-made syrups. You can however add simple syrup to sweeten it if needed. It is very tasty and very refreshing I highly recommend it!

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