Tips for Painting Your Doors

May 28, 2014


1. Picking your paint. This is one step you shouldn’t shouldn’t rush. Taking your time to pick out the right paint color for you and your door will keep you from having to repaint before your door needs it.

Pick up any paint chip that makes you happy and tape it to your door. This way you can see how the color will look next to the color of your home as well as how the color will look in the different lighting your home gets.

Sleep on it. Make sure you take a little time to think over the color once you have decided. If you still like the color in the morning then chances are you have the right color for your home.

2. Preparing the paint surface. As with any painting project proper preparation will make the whole project easier. Wipe down with a dry cloth to remove anything big like spider webs then wipe down with a mixture of white vinegar and warm water to deep clean the area.


3. Buy a paint with a primer. I love that these two steps can be combined into one. Priming will help cover up any dark spots or previous paint colors. But if you like to keep your paint and primer separate then go with what you are comfortable with.


4. Go Slow and don’t panic. Once thing I notice when painting my doors (wood or metal) is that at first it looks really bad. But keep going long smooth strokes and as you keep covering you will see improved results. In that picture above I snapped it when I was feeling panicked. It wasn’t drying a lot lighter, it wasn’t leveling out very well and it was making me nervous but I stayed the corse and got a really good result on my doors.


5. Remember if you hate it you can repaint. Last but not least do not forget that if you can’t stand the color once you have it up there you can always repaint with a new color. No decision is set in stone and everything can be changed.



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