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The good and the bad

October 1, 2010

   This last week has offered several opportunities for me to gain some real world experience in the design realm! I  am OFFICIALLY part of the design team for TAGA (Technical Association of Graphic Arts). For the journal that is published for the conference I’m going to have to dive back into bridges because bridges are the focus of the design. Maybe my previous experience with bridges will help me out! I also have a personal project I hope to be able to complete; Christmas card. I hope to be able to design and send out my own Christmas cards.
   I found a book on typography this week that I was going to buy with some gift cards from last year but unfortunately the current edition is Out of Print and Out of Stock and the new edition isn’t being released for 3 more weeks… my timing couldn’t have been worse. I am now keeping my eyes peeled for a good book to replace it with but nothing has popped up yet. Although I should be kept pretty busy with the free ebooks on design I got from the following site:  10 Free Ebooks for Web Designers

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