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The Craziness of Moving

July 3, 2015

Photo Jun 26, 8 46 48 AMHey friends! Back when, a whole week ago, when I shared that we were going to be moving to Indy. It was kind of a vague future event that was going to happen at some point. Well since then things have started moving very fast. We will be moving there in the next few weeks, we have plans nailed down for our current home and are searching for our next place, fingers crossed. Which brings me to this post. In the next two weeks, I will be spending a lot of time packing, downsizing, cleaning, and getting ready for our new place. I would love to have time to update Happy Apple at the 3 – 4 times I was used to, but I don’t think for this month it is realistic. So please hang in there with me, I’ve got great ideas to share with you and some awesome plans for Happy Apple but I won’t be posting regularly until August, once I’m settled, unpacked and organized.

While I won’t be posting regularly that doesn’t mean I won’t be planning, is there anything you would like me to post about or talk about?


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