Tea Party for a Baby Shower

October 30, 2011

Its been a wonderfully relaxing weekend after spending almost the entire month of October traveling on the weekends. I came across this wonderful blog that I am now obsessed with. Its called A Beautiful Mess…. and it is awesome. It has inspired me to not only discuss design on my blog but other facets of my life as well.

Some of my topics might in the future include cooking, photography, web design, video gaming, fashion, beauty, and art as well as other DIY projects I have undertaken. So for this post I’d like to show you the tea party baby shower I just threw for my sister. Thanks to all of those who helped and supported me.

Here was our beverage bar. We had hot water and tea packets so people could choose their own flavors. We also included lemon water and hot chocolate as alternatives.

Our food was pretty simple a few different types of finger sandwiches…

…flavored popcorn…

and sweet treats including: tea cookies, maple pecan scones, and chocolate cupcakes.

The bunting on the gift table I made from string and paint chips it turned out to be the perfect addition the the decorations.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures it was as much fun as it looked.

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