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Some things I’ve learned about User Experience

October 12, 2010

Have you ever spent hours searching a website for that one page you happened upon weeks ago? However, you just can’t find it! This is a prime example of the creator of the website not paying attention to the user experience. Even as a beginning level web designer that I am I KNOW that I want users to come to my page and enjoy their time while there.
From my research there are lists and lists and opinions on top of opinions about user experience what are the most important concepts about it to remember when creating a site. Since I’m just a beginner so this is a short list of 3 things I find really important. These include:

  • User Expectations
  • Awareness of Current Trends
  • Use Tags Effectively
  • I think the number one most important thing to remember when tackling usability is to not break the expectations of the user. In other words if the user expects the link to change colors when clicked on and it doesn’t change then their expectations were violated. This causes the user to be less likely to return to your site or at the very least become frustrated with having to visit your site because of poor usability.
    The second thing on my list is a general awareness of current trends. When creating a website you also have to be aware of what users have come to experience on other websites like the placement of navigation bars and logos. If suddenly the logo appears down in the lower right hand corner of all the top webpages and that link takes you out to a the site map then you should think about adjusting your webpage to meet these trends.
    The third and final point i would like to bring up about user experience is just a general good practice using tags effectively. HTML tags are organized specifically this way for a reason. They organize your webpage, make it easier to scan, and allow search engines to find and categorize the information on your webpage. Imagine looking at a newspaper where no headings appeared. How would you know what stories interested you the most or where to begin reading. Using the correct HTML tags to format your page is good coding practice, as well as, increases the ease with which a user can follow the flow of information on your site.
    User experience should be a number one concern for designers creating a site and as this experience is an ever changing flow and exchange between the user and designer all that can should be done to create a positive user experience on your website.

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