November 15, 2012

A few months ago I came across some resources on sketchnotes. Sketchnotes are a beautiful thing, it is the best way to take notes for a visual person. For most of us during school we were taught to take notes in written form, words written in standard form from left to right across a page. This is a good method for taking down information to look at later, however you can be more creative and logical in laying out the information for review later.

For example you are watching a lecture online and the format will be laid out in four parts. You could format your page into 4 quadrants with space to illustrate ideas of the talk. Another thing that using sketchnotes allows you to do is draw attention to important elements in a more creative way using arrows, size, type treatments, clouds, and speech bubbles to separate specific information.

I like the flexibility that sketchnotes gives you when recording verbal information. Below are a couple of resources about sketchnotes. Happy note taking!

Sketchnotes / Visual Note Taking @ WebExpo Prague 2010 from Eva-Lotta Lamm

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