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My Scrapbooking Journey

January 29, 2015

Project Life 2015 |

This year marks my third year using the Project Life system to document our life. As I was reflecting on this I realized how many other scrapbook projects I’ve worked on. It was kind of fun to see how I’ve progressed and if I had fun looking into the past maybe you will too!

Scrapbooking History |

This was one of my first attempts at scrapbooking. My family went to Disney for vacation in 2005 and I came home with a camera full of pictures and started scrapbooking. I pasted the images directly onto thick white card stock, did a little journaling and added in disney themed stickers.

Scrapbooking History |

I stuck the whole thing into a binder and added pamphlets to the pockets in the back.

Scrapbooking History |

My next scrapbooking experience was my senior memory book. I bought the template book from our school and proceeded to fill it up. Mostly by cutting and pasting my pictures into it.

Scrapbooking History |

During our senior year our school went under major renovations, and they were getting rid of the red carpet which I was attached to so when I saw my opportunity to grab a piece I included that in my book as well.

Scrapbooking History |

I also used several bits and pieces from different events I went to to commemorate the year.

Scrapbooking History |

After I graduated high school I was lucky enough to travel Europe for two weeks with the Indiana All-Star Band. I was gifted this book to keep track of my memories. It took me almost 6 years to finish it but I did get it done!

Scrapbooking History |

I used my method of pasting images and other bits from the trip into this book.

Scrapbooking History |

I kept a bag of ALL the papers, tickets, candy wrappers, and maps around while I was finishing up this book incase I needed any extra embellishments.

Scrapbooking History |

Another way I documented my trip to Europe was printing out all my pictures out and putting them in albums when I got home. I have a total of four albums filled with pictures from my trip. In this one I just have the pictures so it is less of a scrapbook but still a memory keeping device.


Flash forward several years and I am scrapbooking everything! Here is our honeymoon album. You can see the rest of the post here.


December Daily 2014 |

My December Daily album from 2014. You can see more of that post here.

December Daily 2014 |


My mini album just for our trip to California in 2014! You can see more of that here.



Project Life End Page

My first Project Life scrapbook from 2013. You can see more of those posts here.

Project Life 2014 Title Page

Last year’s Project Life album. You can see more of those posts here.

Project Life 2015 Title Page |

And the current work in progress our 2015 Project Life album. As I have looked back on these methods I used to document my life I can see how I have changed and how scrapbooking has changed. For one thing the Project Life system makes it so easy to keep up and make a good looking book. It took me 6 years to scrapbook one two week summer vacation. Now I spend less than an hour each week documenting the previous weeks activities. I love all my books and I can’t imagine being without the memories that they let me document, I am so very lucky to have such a collection!

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