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Relaxing on Vacation

July 10, 2012

So far vacation has been very relaxing and I have allowed my creative juices to flow. I have a couple new projects I am working on and am excited about.

I have been teaching myself the ins and outs of design and yet again am redesigning my personal website. I feel like with each new version I am getting better and better. I have also learned a lot about images and loading times and all that stuff for the web and want to make it a better user experience on my site. I have started the preliminary steps for creating the redesign and look forward to seeing the finished product.

My second new personal project is illustrations. I know how important drawing is to creating unique elements in my designs and I want to develop my drawing skills. I have been sketching and filling journals with words, images, and lists but I want to do more (you know, practice makes perfect).

Finally, my third personal project is practicing photography. My class is winding down and while I am soooooooo glad I took the class and have learned a lot about pictures and my camera I know that to truly get better I need to practice. I am excited that vacation happens to coincide with the ending of the photography class because getting out and feeling like there is something to take pictures of makes it much easier than figuring out what to take in my apartment.

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  • Reply Mary Alice July 10, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    I love the foot picture.

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