Project Life

Project Life : Week 3

January 21, 2013

It’s now week three and I really love love love this project. It is already so fun to look back at the first three weeks of the year and see all the stuff we forget we did and how many things we¬†actually¬†did do during that time.

This week I finally took down our Christmas decorations it was very sad to see all the lights be put away. Gunnar and I also started a weekly “game night” (we play a lot of video games together but there is just something about board games).

We did some more house hunting. We found a house that we both really liked it had a lot of potential but it needed a lot of work right away, so we passed on that one. The next day we found two potential houses and are currently deliberating about which one would be the “best” for us. This is so hard for us since we haven’t done anything like this before and it is a big decision with a lot of money tied to it!

I also went to the antique mall with Gunnar’s mom and we had a lot of fun looking at all the tiki stuff one booth had. Maybe someday we can have a tiki themed bar in our house!

Have a great week!

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