Project Life 2015

Project Life: Week 22

June 6, 2015

Project Life 2015 : Week 22 |

Week 22 this year and we made it to our second camping trip.

Project Life 2015 : Week 22 |

We went to Brookville Lake which was wonderful, it was a nice distance out of Muncie where we live but not too far that we spent lots of time driving. Unfortunately about 4 on Saturday it started raining off and on through Sunday morning but we still got some time at the beach in.

Project Life 2015 : Week 22 |

We met my parents at the campsite and they joined us in their new camper, it was nice to have somewhere to go when it was raining other than our tent. It was a wonderful weekend, I look forward to more camping trips and adventures.

Project Life 2015 : Week 22 |


I hope you are having a great weekend friends, see you next week!

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