Project Life 2015

Project Life : Week 21

May 30, 2015

Project Life 2015 : Week 21 |

Week 21, almost halfway through the year. I can’t believe it. It is moments like this that make me really glad I have these albums to look back through because time seems to be moving so fast!

Project Life 2015 : Week 21 |

I’ve been practicing my calligraphy which I wanted to include in my album, but the ink doesn’t work well with the Project Life Cards, I still included them anyway. Also, Gunnar was sick this last week so we bought him some medicine, we were surprised to find in this large box only two¬†sleeves of medicine, what a waste of space!

Project Life 2015 : Week 21 |


I had another wedding this last weekend and when we went to leave the ceremony the sun was setting and there was a pink dumpster. So of course we went over and took pictures, who passes up a pink dumpster?

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