Project Life 2015

Project Life: Week 19

May 16, 2015

Project Life : Week 19 |

This week was really fun, even though we didn’t do anything crazy. It was mostly us being at home doing our thing and going to work. The year is flying by and I’m so glad that I have this book of photographs to remember even the everyday moments in our life!

Project Life : Week 19 |

We went out for sushi night for Gunnar. I tried it again, I’m not sure it is really my thing yet but I did enjoy the sweet potato roll.

Project Life : Week 19 |

I used the a card from my Happy Mail kit (Don’t stop, get it, get it) in my spread this week. It’s a good thing to remember when things are crazy or when they are slow. I also found these awesome bike paper clips! How cute is that?!? I attached it to one of the filler cards from the midnight edition and I love how it will stick up and out of the pocket a little bit!

Project Life : Week 19 |


I hope you all are having a good weekend!

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