Project Life 2015

Project Life : Week 15

April 17, 2015

Project Life : Week 15 |

Week 15 was wonderful! We got to go to The Lion King with my Aunt  and cousin Kobi. It was fantastic I’m so glad I got to see it again!

Project Life : Week 15 |

I also had the opportunity to photograph another wedding with Janneke, this one was all PURPLE I was in heaven so gorgeous, I can’t wait to share the pictures with you!

Project Life : Week 15 |

Also, we worked on the house some more during the week and we finally put curtains up in our livingroom. Gunnar built that really unstable looking platform since we couldn’t move the couch. I’m glad I’ve gotten a picture of it to remember. Even though it was wobbly it got the job done. And the room looks gorgeous now, I will be sharing pictures of that soon as well!

Project Life : Week 15 |


Have a great weekend!!

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