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Project Life 2015 Catch UP

September 5, 2015


This summer, if you have been reading Happy Apple you will know,  I moved from my home in Muncie to an apartment in downtown Indianapolis. Over the course of that time I didn’t have my printer nor the amount of time that I needed to print cut and place the pictures each week. So I used the Project Life App to help me get caught up. I told you about my experience in post.

Project Life 2015 Catch Up |

This week Gunnar and I went to Indianapolis for the weekend to look for places that we might want to live when the time came in the next six months to move. However life had a different plan and we moved earlier than that.

Project Life 2015 Catch Up |

This week we celebrated Gunnar’s birthday at P.F. Changs, and I kept working at Ball State until things were figured out. We got a call at dinner that night that the people who looked at our home were interested in renting it. We would be moving in two weeks. Hilariously Gunnar’s fortune cookie said that we would move to a wonderful new home within the year. How perfect was that?

Project Life 2015 Catch Up |

This week we made our annual trip down to Tennessee to visit our friends for the 4th of July weekend. Despite losing that time for packing and preparing to move it was really relaxing and I’m glad we did it.

Project Life 2015 Catch Up |

Moving time has come so quickly, I am so thankful that my mom while she wasn’t feeling the greatest was able to come and help me pack. She really helped me get organized and stay on track.

Project Life 2015 Catch Up |


At this point Gunnar had moved into our apartment in Indianapolis and I was still living in Muncie. We only got to see each other during the weekends which made our time together that much sweeter. 
Project Life 2015 Catch Up |

This week, We had a lot of traveling to do, I went home to my family during the week and then on the weekend we went up to visit Gunnar’s family. We also saw our friend John up there and I finally got to touch Lake Michigan for the first time.

That catches us up to what I have done so far. Now to finish getting the printer set up and start on the last month’s worth of pictures.

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