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Planning for Summer In Indianapolis

March 24, 2016

Planning for Summer in Indianapolis |

Spring is finally here! Which means sunny days, more outdoor activities, and longer days. Already, with the few nice days we have had, I’ve been killing it on my step count. Working for yourself has some wonderful perks like, taking walks in the middle of the day and working at a coffee shop or having a working lunch out! 
I’m really looking forward to spending the summer in Indianapolis, when we moved it was late summer and the wedding season was in full swing. So we weren’t around to enjoy much of the warm weather. I’ve been working on a list of things to enjoy this summer in Indianapolis (besides just eating, lol)

Planning for Summer in Indianapolis |

Visit The Indiana Museum of Art
Visit The Indianapolis Zoo
Take in MANY Indians Games
Walk the Canal
Visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum
Take Sunset Photos on Evening Walks
Ride our Bikes on the Cultural Trail
Visit Eagle Creek
Do An Art Walk of the Murals
Check out Garfield Park Conservatory

Some of these activities we have already done but during a different time of the year. I’m looking forward to spending our free time this summer exploring more of our new city! I think that Indianapolis has some real hidden gems and I’m looking forward to finding them!

Do you have any favorite summer activities or any anything new you are planning for summer in Indianapolis?

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