Our Bathroom Flooring!!!

November 6, 2014


When we moved into our home one of Gunnar’s favorite parts was the wood paneled master bathroom. It had so much potential but for some reason it had pink carpet. I like carpet but in bathrooms?? Anyway, it was something we both had agreed on that had to go. Earlier this summer we were having some problems with our plumbing and needless to say it was time to remove the carpet and assess the damage.


So I decided to get started. I pulled up the pink carpet and found this grey carpet underneath it. Now who carpets a bathroom once but twice? And this grey carpet was glued down over the entire room as well as under the vanity which I wasn’t about to move. But I did prevail and after tearing it up we finally got to see the floor.


We were thrilled to see that the floor wasn’t damaged and just needed a little cleaning before we could move on. Since we decided to lay vinyl flooring we went ahead and installed some lauan to give us a nice clean smooth surface. bathroomFlooring-3

It turned out great! The floor looks awesome and for my first time laying vinyl it went really well. It looks so much better in there and now I don’t have to worry about water droplets from the tub causing issues with the carpet.


Additionally here are some more details from the room.

bathroomFlooring-5 bathroomFlooring-4

We really like the color blue around here and it has snuck into this room as well. We have a few minor things to finish yet but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this massive project with you. I want to get an Ikea Raskog for in here to help with storage of towels and hair products. We also want to get a transition strip where the carpet ends and vinyl begins. I am totally in love with how the room came out and am so glad we tackled this project.

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