DIY – Ombre Drink Stirrers

August 14, 2014

Ombre Drink Stirrers Clay BeadsIt has taken me a little while to get on this ombre band wagon. Now that I’m on it who knows what will show up in my projects! So here you go Ombre Drink Stirrers for your next get together.

Ombre Drink Stirrers Clay Beads

You will need : Bamboo Skewers, Oven Bake Clay, Acrylic Paint in the color/colors of your choice, White Acrylic Paint, Clear Nail polish, Paint Brush, Parchment Paper.


Once you have all your supplies you will need to make round clay beads for however many drink stirrers you plan to make. You can make them all the same size or graduated like mine. I just rolled out the clay with my hands nothing fancy here I didn’t want them to be perfectly round. Then I used one of my bamboo skewers to poke a hole all the way through the ball. Then bake your clay according to the package directions.

Ombre Drink Stirrers Clay Beads Once the clay beads are cool you can start painting. I started with the biggest bead painting it the base color and adding white each time i got a new bead. I then let them dry.

Ombre Drink Stirrers Clay Beads

I then used a clear coat of nail polish to seal the acrylic paint. I don’t expect my beads to come into contact with my drinks or food so I didn’t use food safe paint for this project. If you do plan on it for whatever reason you should research food safe paint.


When all the layers of paint have dried estimate how long you want your stirrers to be and cut them at that length. My skewers started out at like 10″ but that was too long for my glasses so I cut them down 2-3 inches or so.


Since my beads were made with the skewers they fit snuggly onto the skewers without needing to add any glue but if you find your beads sliding around add a little drop of hot glue to keep them in place.


When your done celebrate your hard work with a glass of lemonade!

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