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My Personal Goals For 2015

January 5, 2015

My Personal Goals | happyapple.us

The new year is when everyone sets down to evaluate what they want to do different in the new year. I like to participate in reflection of the previous year and brainstorming how I want the new one to go. I really like setting goals for the month and the year and I have participated in setting 4 goals each month as well as a 25 before 26¬†and a 26 before 27 list. There is something very satisfying about marking things off a list when you complete them. As 2015 gears up I’ve got some goals for this year that I’m really excited about, some small easy to complete goals and some dream size goals that will teach me new skills!

Get more indoor plants
Make at least 2 pieces of furniture
Finish Painting the house (I’m down to the livingroom, hallway, bedroom and kitchen cabinets)
Paint 5 more paintings
Try hand embroidery
Enjoy every moment of being married
Visit one new place together
Practice yoga at LEAST 3 times a week

My goal making this year is going to be more flexible and fluid than in the past. I’m leaving room in my list for new goals to develop throughout the year and giving myself some easy to accomplish goals that I can sprinkle in throughout the year. What are your goals for 2015? I look forward to hearing your hopes and dreams!

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