My Painted Kitchen Counters (Update)

March 26, 2014


We moved into our home about a year ago, and when we did a lot of our house was pink. If you have been a reader for a while you will remember me ranting about pink walls, pink doors, pink carpet and pink counter tops. Above is the offending color!


I couldn’t take it for long so about a month after we moved in I bought a paint kit and went to work. Here is the original post about the process.

I knew that this wouldn’t last forever because it is just paint and who’s kitchen counter doesn’t take a beating? But I am really surprised after a year there are only a few places that the pink is peeking through the paint. And I feel like I am probably the only one who notices it because I inspect it probably once a month. But being paint it is easy to touch up.

After kitchen renovationI would recommend painting your counters if you aren’t ready to replace your counters but want a low budget update in the mean time. I think once all was said and done this project cost us around $100. Which isn’t too bad for the dramatic difference it made in our kitchen.


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