My Experience with Green Bean Delivery

April 22, 2015

GreenBean Delivery |

I love having fresh fruits and veggies around. So about a year ago I started subscribing to this organic food delivery service. It is called Green BEAN Delivery, and they serve several metro areas around the midwest. If you would like to try it out for yourself Happy Apple readers have a special promo code which they can use to get $15 off your first order. Use the promo code bc1happ when setting up your first order or reactivating your account. This promo code is good for 3 months from today, so get over there and place your first order!

GreenBean Delivery |

One of my favorite things about the service is that it in one respect forces me to get the fresh produce in my house. Sometimes when you go to the store and you have your weekly budget, at least in my experience, the extra fruits and veggies get overlooked. This way I get a nice selection and I also try to pick something I’ve never had before, like that big bunch of kale you see in the pictures.

GreenBean Delivery |

The produce I get is always fresh and I feel like I get my money out of the bin too. Everything you see in these pictures came in one delivery. Not only is everything organic it is also sourced as locally as possible which makes me feel good. If you are looking for a better selection of organic local produce than your grocery store has you should definitely check out a delivery service like this. I rely heavily on this in the winter time when the farmer’s market isn’t as active and then usually use the farmers market to supplement what I get in the bins through the summer. I have been thrilled with every bin and the customer service is excellent too!

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