Mini Book Fun

December 26, 2012

I have been trying to figure out how I can successfully document all of the exciting events coming in 2013. I came across these mini-books out on the internet and thought I would try my hand at making them and seeing how they could be useful in the coming year.

I designed the mini book to be 4×6 this way when I get pictures or print them out they will fit perfectly into the mini book. First I gathered up some paper from my collection and cut it down to size. I had a piece of thicker sparkly paper I used as the front cover and sliced up an old cereal box for the back cover. I left the chipboard uncovered for this first album but in the future I think I will cover it with its own piece of scrapbook paper.

Once all the pieces were cut I carefully hole punched all the sheets so they would all line up and placed them on binder rings. Now the album is ready to be filled with pictures and memories!

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