Megan & Stefen Wedding Photography

July 30, 2015


All of my practice from taking weddings over the last year and a half has led up to this, photographing my first wedding as the main photographer. My friends Megan & Stefen asked me almost a year ago if I would be willing to photograph their day, they knew I hadn’t done it on my own before but they really wanted me to be a part. How could I say no? 🙂 Instead I worked really hard learning from everyone over the last year so that I could provide them with gorgeous images of their day.



The day was gorgeous and everything was beautiful, I couldn’t ask for more caring friends and better clients. Congratulations you guys! I am so grateful to have been a part of your day! Stefen&Megan-7Stefen&Megan-14 Stefen&Megan-13 Stefen&Megan-10 Stefen&Megan-11 Stefen&Megan-12 Stefen&Megan-8 Stefen&Megan-3 Stefen&Megan-4 Stefen&Megan-2 Stefen&Megan-1 Stefen&Megan-18 Stefen&Megan-19 Stefen&Megan-20

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