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Indianapolis Food Trucks

September 4, 2015

Indianapolis Food Trucks | happyapple.usI’ve been down here a couple of weeks now and one of the things I have been enjoying the most is walking over to Gunnar’s work on Thursday and having lunch with him at the food trucks. Food trucks are just not a thing in Muncie yet, maybe one day they will be. But for now I am really enjoying my lunch dates. So far we have tried a bacon themed food truck, a hot dog/sausage themed one and then one called Nacho Mama’s! I just loved the name and the colors of the truck so I had it the last time and the nachos were so good!

Indianapolis Food Trucks |

While I really was drawn to the peach hues that the Nacho Mama’s truck had they are all really cool and colorful. It is like a rainbow every week¬†for lunch. I can’t wait till next week to try something different.¬†Lunch dates at the food trucks in Indianapolis are one of my new favorite things! I am so glad I’m finally getting to participate in some of these things I’ve seen others talking about on the internet. This time we tried Scratch modern comfort food, and it was also delicious, my BBQ Chicken Cone was exactly what I needed today!

Indianapolis Food Trucks | Indianapolis Food Trucks |

The trucks on Thursdays come and park behind the Indiana State House, there is also a farmers market that takes place at the same time and which is really fun. I haven’t purchased anything there yet since it is kind of a hike back to our apartment and I just can’t picture myself trying to juggle a watermelon back through downtown.

Indianapolis Food Trucks | Indianapolis Food Trucks |

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